Nursing Tops


I have been breastfeeding for what feels like years now. With my first child, I supplemented almost immediately and quit nursing when she was only about four months old. When my second child was born, I was much more determined. I was able to breastfeed her for about sixteen months without ever having to give her formula. So, naturally, with my third child, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. Thankfully, I have been able to breastfeed him his entire life (9 months and going strong!) and plan to continue.

One thing I have yet to buy for breastfeeding, though, are nursing tops. I have owned nursing bras and a couple of tanks, but never actual nursing shirts. I have adopted the two shirt method and am typically never not without a tank top. After having my third child, I heard of Latched Mama thanks to a review Allison over at The Life of a Homemaker on YouTube did. Latched Mama offers nursing shirts, tops, tanks, and more. Allison showed a lightweight striped hoodie that I have wanted since then, but have never bought.

I like everything on the Latched Mama website and also follow the store on Facebook, but have never brought myself to add one of their tops to my collection. I always seem to talk myself out of it. I think the tops would be extremely useful as a breastfeeding mother, especially going in to fall and winter. It is hard to do the two shirt method with a hoodie! I know that a hoodie from Latched Mama would make it so much easier for me, as well as for my son (I mean, who wants a shirt in their face while trying to eat? Not me).

So what has gotten me thinking more about nursing tops now? Well, I was at a store last night, looking at a beautiful, long sleeve, open front cardigan that I thought would be perfect for fall and winter. It was in the clearance section so I thought for sure it would be a good deal. I tried it on before looking at the price tag and immediately loved it. Then I did look at that price tag and boy was I wrong about it being a good deal because it was on clearance. I put it back on the rack and walked away. Once I got home, I started having second thoughts about putting it back and wished I had bought it. That got me thinking. If I am willing to spend that price on a shirt that is not exactly breastfeeding friendly, then why not actually put that money in to something that is going to work so much better for me? So, I went and looked at the Latched Mama website and narrowed my selection down to two choices and my husband gave me his input. I wanted (and likely needed) to get one. Then I turned around and said, no, I don’t really need it, and exited out of the browser.

Yes, I admit, I am indecisive. But I am also curious, are these nursing tops completely worth the money? I have never owned one, but want to add one to my collection. I was torn between the active nursing hoodie and the lightweight striped nursing hoodie that Latched Mama offers. They both look great, but are they worth it? What do you think? Have you owned any nursing tops? What did you think of them? How about Latched Mama tops? Let me know in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Nursing Tops

  1. Yes, I definitely think nursing tops are so worth the money. For my first, I didn’t have any and breastfeeding was made inconvenient by having to hike up shirts and contend with at least 2 layers of clothing. So this time around, I bought a total of 6 because I plan on pure breastfeeding (no expressed milk in bottles) for as long as I can do it. I’m already wearing them around the house (could be worn outside too with an open cardigan or jacket for additional coverage) and see me wearing them even after nursing. They come with a double breast panel where breast pads can be inserted (or not) if leaking is a concern, but the main advantage is that they really are made for breastfeeding convenience. You could try one for starters and see how it goes 🙂

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